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Bylaws are accessible for review by members of the association. See: Applegate North Bylaws.

Declaration of Covenants

Declaration of Covenants are accessible for review by members of the association. See: Applegate North Declaration of Covenants

Articles of Incorporation (AOI)

AOI – Applegate North HOA

Applegate North Policies

Parking Policy June 15 2019

The Applegate North Homeowners Association's Parking Areas shall be for the primary use of residents and for the temporary use of their visitors. Common Area Parking Spaces are to be utilized on a first-come-first-serve basis. Vehicles must fit within the lines of a marked space. No over sized or commercial vehicles shall be parked in the Applegate North Community, nor shall any vehicle block the free flow of traffic, park anyone else in, or park on or adjacent to a yellow or red curb.

When parking along the curbs of the community, vehicles should park parallel with the curb and should not block the free flow of traffic or driveways. Vehicles may park on depressed curbs as long as a minimum of 36 inches of the sidewalk area is clear for pedestrian traffic (distance will be measured from the outermost point of the vehicle's wheel to the edge of the sidewalk farthest from the roadway).

Architectural Guidelines

Article V, Section 1 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Applegate North Homeowners Association, Inc. state, "For any proposed Improvement to a Lot, there shall be submitted in writing to the Architectural Review Committee, in duplicate plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, dimension, material, floor plans, color scheme, location, exterior plans, and details, driveway plans and locations, sidewalk plans and location, proposed topographical changes, together with a designation of the party or parties to perform the work in said proposed Improvements, alterations or other changes. No work shall begin on such proposed Improvements or alterations until the Architectural Review Committee has approved, in writing, the Plans."

Architectural Guidelines
Architectural Change Application

Important Forms

It is very important to provide the Association and Pinnacle Properties Management with the most up to date contact information. Please make sure that you have provided us with your most up to date phone and email information.

Update Info Form

Assessment Payment

If you would like the Association to automatically process your payments via ACH withdrawal or credit card, please fill out form and return it to the management company through USPS or via email at To ensure the accuracy of your information, please also include a voided check with your completed form.

BB&T Automatic Clearing House Form

Maryland Homeowners Association Act